Personal Finance Daily: These are the airlines with the most delays and cancellations and why hotel guests are never satisfied these days

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‘Grandpa’ will fix it: Turkish moneyman claimed CIA contacts could save Utah polygamist brothers from biofuel fraud prosecution, but feds say it was a scam too

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz is charged with laundering stolen U.S. government money for the convicted brothers and shaking them down with promises of CIA protection. Read More

Mass shootings have ‘tremendous and permanent’ economic consequences, experts say

Surges in gun violence are associated with reduced economic growth, slower home-value appreciation and fewer new jobs, Buffalo’s mayor said in a recent hearing. Read More

Try a home swap. You’ll skip Airbnb and hotel costs and vacation like you’re a local.

Here’s all you need to explore an extended stay in a house or apartment for free, and open up your own place in exchange. Read More

Lured by record-high rents, homebuilders ramped up construction of apartments in June

Multi-family housing starts grew, while single-family starts fell, according to the latest government data. Read More

Why hotel guests are never satisfied these days

In the 1990s and 2000s, hotels began offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. Now, it looks like these policies have had a negative impact on overall experience. Read More

These are the airlines with the most delays and cancellations

Here’s the on-time arrivals rate and cancellation rate of the 10 largest U.S. airlines, plus the best way to get where you’re going on time. Read More

The 2023 Audi A5 offers athletic thrills with distinctive style

The 2023 Audi A5 lineup covers coupes, cabriolets, and Sportback models —some are just nice compact luxury cars, others are fearsomely fast. Read More

Adjustable-rate mortgage vs. fixed-rate mortgage: ‘It’s amazing what people don’t know about mortgages’

More people are considering adjustable-rate mortgages as a way to (temporarily) lower their monthly housing costs, especially in expensive cities. Should you? Read More

60 million Americans are set for 100-degree weather — but not everyone will feel the heat equally

The way a person experiences extreme heat is at least partially linked to race and class, research shows. Read More

U.K. weather officials drew a scary heatwave map for 2050 — this week it came true, 28 years early

As climate change brings more extreme weather, London registered a temperature above 40 degrees C for the first time in recorded history — that’s 104 F Read More

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